Since 1989 John Duggan has lived and worked in Lecce, Italy. “For anyone interested in decorative art, Italy is the place to visit, and I feel fortunate to live here. Italians have mastered the art of doing things beautifully, with an innate aesthetic that is humbling at times.  Seeing a ceiling painted by Michelangelo or Tiepolo in a book is an incredible experience in itself: studying it in person is beyond words.  And living only a few hours away from these masterpieces means that I don’t feel I have to ‘do it all’ in a few hours or days.”

“If you define architecture as the creation of space, I feel I have created more architecture as a mural artist than I ever could have designing buildings.” Duggan’s paintings interact with the imagination of the viewer and blur the lines of spatial relationships, depicting endless skies, verdant tropical rivers, and roads to faraway places, transforming static rooms into magical backdrops for social events and gatherings.

John is enthusiastic to share his ability and Old World knowledge to clients on an international level.  “Wherever I travel I see Italian culture mirrored in the architecture of up-scale residences, hotels and restaurants.  It brings a European sense of timelessness and serenity to the fast and dynamic American lifestyle.  My decorative work can help to reinforce that feeling.”

“Living in Italy is an artistic inspiration in itself.”